AT’s January Cure Begins…

The Apartment Therapy’s January Cure begins and this year I am going to make it through every assignment. I am raring to go and ready to make some major changes in my home. My hope is to be clutter-free and try a more minimal lifestyle. I live with my 19-year old daughter who is in college. I also have my sister and my niece┬áliving with us as well. And with 4 women in one house (no matter how large a home you have…) brings clutter and mayhem to any home. But, basically my home was filled to the rafters before my sister and niece moved in, so I really can’t blame them (or can I? hmmm?) So while I am figuring out how to “work-around” their “stuff” while decluttering my home, I won’t let that stop me from getting shit done. Oh yeah, I have a dirty mouth… I spent 10 years in the military (in one form or another) and it taught me some things like, how to cuss, drink and smoke. Don’t let it bother you, I like dirty words cause they’re so effective!!

I will list each of the assignments I am able to accomplish or attempt to accomplish ( yes, I will show my failures as well) and hopefully it will get you motivated to do your own thing. I am starting a little late as I was on vacation over the New Year holiday and wasn’t able to start on time. But, I’ve caught up and will include pics and info that I did for each assignment.

See my next post for Assignment #1.

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